my friend went to his brit awards party a couple weeks back and now she won’t stop singing his songs around me now. it’s so annoying lmao

when it comes to him i’m so annoying too sometimes. mostly irl with my friends. but they like jt aswell so they dont get sooooooo annoyed lol.. but wait, dont you like jt?

jenslawrence whispered: DEBS! IS IT YOUR BIRTHDAY? Happy birthday and I hope you get all the beautiful things you deserve! Ily!<3

YESS MANDS, I’m getting older today :(.. THANK YOUUUUU, wish you the same! Love yooooou <33

ticktocknightlocked said: I’m not exactly sure whether it’s all of missing-e or just a component of it but try disabling it and seeing if it works because I think that’s what the problem was for me :/

yeah, it was missing e.. damn tumblr, that’s why we cant have nice things…

ticktocknightlocked answered your question: GUYS, why cant i answer messages from my…

Are you trying to publish the asks? If so, it’s probably because you have missing-e or xkit still on :S

yessss, and i have mising e.. omg do i have to disable missing e??? D: