casual reminder that just because your idea of a good time is curling up with a book and hers is doing tequila shots does not make you a better person than her (◡‿◡✿)

why dont you assholes tag me and shit just tag me pls


i hate being tickled i do not think it is cute i do not think it is funny i will kick you in the fucking face


dear people on the jm tag: LET HIM BE!

And so it begins…. We go from the annoying swifties on the John Mayer tag to the obnoxious Katy fans!


Let the ‘games’ begin….

I don’t think so! Not on this tag!

It’s none of your business! Dating or not. Just friends or not. It’s none of your fucking business! Just because you’re a fan doesn’t mean you can have any say in their life. Your opinion DOES NOT matter to them! If you’re a true fan, you’ll let them live their lives the way they want and quit bashing the other on the internet.

I’ve said this before, opinions are like assholes & everyone has one! But keep it to yourself. Don’t bash JM (his appearance, character…whatever) and then have the audacity to tag it with his name! YOU are the ones who are rude!

Get off our tag!

very well said! I’m just gonna leave this here, just in case.