spn meme: favourite episodes [15/∞]

↳ No Rest for the Wicked [3:16]

9.17 - Mother’s Little Helper

dean + favourite season nine outfits (part one)

"And?" "And we need to save as many as we can, but we need to know who’s after them."

so what’s it all add up to? well, it’s hard to say. but me, i’d say it was a test. for sam and dean. and i think they did alright. up against good, evil, angels, devils, destiny, and god himself - they made their own choice. they chose family. and well, isn’t that kinda the whole point?

Dean loves Sam like he wants to make the sun rise just for him, and Sam loves Dean like he wants to break the sun so Dean doesn’t have to anymore. —sashi (via crimical)