guest star au: stephen lunsford as a hunter

“I’ve got a tortured mind and my blade is sharp, a bad combination in the dark.”

Brought up on the road with hunters for parents, Nathan was taught the ins and outs of the trade from a young age, the almost-torturous upbringing leaving him too desensitized for his own good, his dangerous impulsiveness becoming an issue as soon as he became a regular hunter himself. At the age of eighteen, he was told through a series of dreams that on his twenty-first birthday, he was to become the sacrifice for Huitzilopochtli (the Aztec god of the sun and war) in order for him to become the god’s vessel. He was promised safety and vitality from the rest of the Aztecs until they needed him, however, but his participation was not optional - and as much as he enjoys the idea of being protected by gods, he’s terrified out of his mind at the idea of the end result.


Late nights.

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                     "I am a meat Popsicle."

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