stay strong haha btw miss u <3

haha you know what i just gave up, i’m staying strong and awake and god only knows how i’m going to work tomorrow/today whatever.. ohhh, i miss you too babe <333

lipzgallagher whispered: happy bday omg eu amo todos os teu blogs tu deve saber disso teus edits são fodas demais tu merece tudo de bom etc etc que tu seja muito feliz Debs (posso te chamar assim?) bjssss <3333

thankss bb.. omg gabi, você sabe que a recíproca é verdadeira! tudo em dobro pra você! amo teu blog, amo tuas edits e é uma honra ter você no nndobrevs comigo! obrigada, de verdade! e omg CLARO que pode! hahah, beijosss <3333

lipzgallagher whispered: HOW DO YOU PHOTOSHOP

AGDAHFDJSDHGJ omg gabi are you kidding?? i should be asking YOU this!!

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stefan can’t love elena as a vampire and she doesn’t deserve him so delena should happen but it’s just a matter of time till elena break damon’s heart because it’s what she does GOD i’m being stupid i know but i hate elena so much right now

you’re not being stupid at all, i agree with you. it’s just a matter of time till elena screw things up with damon too because she just cant make up her mind. in the end, she would end up getting too close to damon so even if they turn her into human again and her ‘usual’ feelings for stefan come back she would start that whole ‘i dont know which salvatore i want’ all over again.. 

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i don’t even want stelena anymore because elena is so stupid idk stefan don’t deserve that shit i guess they should all die what hehe

YESS, i ship both, stelena and delena and even tho i’m happy because of damon now my heart is in pieces because of bb stefan. he doesnt deserve this and she doesnt deserve him at all, he’s too good to her! yep, everyone should just take their rings and burn into the sun for good lol not really but you get it