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Anonymous whispered: Hey perfection, how are you doing? - ss :)

i’m doing great sweetie, what about you ? :3

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Anonymous whispered: I'm good :) so, yeah, i hope you have a great day!

awww have a great day too, love :3

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Anonymous whispered: Heey perfection, how's it going? -ss :)

hey beautiful.. just fine, what about you? :3

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Anonymous whispered: Yep, germany is quite cool :) and i really want to visit brazil too and my day was kinda rough but yeah :) and just wanted to remind you that you are flawless. -ss

awwww, you precious human being :3.. 

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Anonymous whispered: Omg, no, no one is more weird than me and i'm from germany! So, how's your day went so far? - ss :)

hahahahaha… ohhh i want to go to germany some day! it’s one of the really few places i’d love to visit tbh.. well, everything was fine. it’s almost midnight here in brazil and even tho it’s friday and stuff i should really go to bed because i have a lot to do tomorrow.. what about your day? :3

Anonymous whispered: Omg, i'm tired too xD just came from School! So, Hmm, yeah, u don't follow me and i'll tell you my name when it's christmas!!! And yeah, i guess i'm kinda weird but People get used to it xD -ss

hmmmm okay.. hahaha well i’m the most weird person i know so dont worry.. where do you live? :3

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Anonymous whispered: Hey beautiful, how's it going? - ss :)

i’m tired as fuck tbh, but i’m good.. i’m dying o know who you aaaaaare hahahah.. tell me something about yourself? do i follow you? YOUR NAAAME omg anything hahaha..

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Anonymous whispered: Heey woonderfuul, how are you doing? -ss :)

hey baby, i’m doing fine, how are you? :3

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Anonymous whispered: I hope you have an amazing day so far!! - ss :)

yessss, thank you love :D

Anonymous whispered: I am doing great too!! Just wanted to say you are beautiful! -ss :)

awwww.. you are beautiful baby! thank you :3

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Anonymous whispered: Hey beautiful, how are you doing? -secret santa

hello love :3.. i’m doing great, thanks for asking.. and how are you? 

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Anonymous whispered: Heey flawless, hope you have a wonderful day, you santa <3

hey flawless human being, have a wonderful day aswell <33

Anonymous whispered: You are just beautiful, waaahhh, ily, your secret santaa!

ohhhhh you!! i dont deserve all of this you guiseeeee..

Anonymous whispered: Heey, i'm your secreet saanntaaa ,have a wonderful day!!

awwwwww :3, hello love.. thank youuu, have an amazing day aswell!

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