When I’m away I keep in touch with my friends by text, emails, Skype and phone calls. I love my job, but it’s just what I do and I don’t think it has changed me. Mostly, I can leave a role behind when I go home at the end of a day’s filming, although sometimes, when you’re dealing with death or rape or betrayal, it does affect you. It makes you think about things. Especially when I was playing Susie Salmon [in The Lovely Bones]. I would think about all the girls who have been murdered, and I would get upset because I was so close to Susie and I had connected with her.”

I didn’t actually read the book before I began shooting film, yeah, I know, very unprofessional. No, I knew how wonderful the book would be, I’m just judging by the screenplay”.

Saoirse Ronan 'How I live Now' 2013 TIFF portrait

Saoirse Ronan, ‘How I Live Now’ stills


Saoirse Ronan for Bullett Magazine2011

I don’t really class films as ‘indie’, ‘Hollywood’ or ‘blockbuster’ or anything like that. As long as there is a good story and a good director attached to it, I am game.

My very first on-screen kiss was in my very first film that no one ever saw because it never came out. I was 11 years old and hadn’t kissed a boy before. I went up to the director, Amy Heckerling who did Clueless, and said, ‘Okay. How long do you want me to kiss this guy for because I don’t want this going on for very long?’ She said, ‘You know, a few seconds.’ ‘No, how many seconds?’ She said, ‘I don’t know. Maybe three seconds?’ Every time we’d do a take, I’d make sure it was only three seconds and I’d pull away.