Johnny Depp gave me the best advice. He said, "Keep your feet on the ground. Stay grounded. Remember where you came from." Sam Claflin
I'm somewhat of a perfectionist, I think, and I strive for perfection.

@samclaflin Rocking out on a Saturday morning to Taylor Swift! Ha - how cool am I? She’s like really “in” at the moment, right?

Josh Hutcherson and I are like Jennifer Lawrence’s younger brothers, we loved picking on her. When she came back to film after winning her Oscar, we got her a Tiffany jewellery box with a charm inside it to say congrats - but put ten crickets in with it! She didn’t open it until she was in her trailer. We all waited outside for the scream.

"I full on made out with Josh for about three hours." 

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(Talking about female empowerment movies becoming more popular) “I do think the times are changing and its time to tell women’s stories as much as it is men’s. I don’t see why it hasn’t happened before, it should have happened earlier. I’m happy to take a backseat for a lady any day.”

I always try to be true to who I am and just be myself.

So I’m saying to myself, “this is never going to happen.” But once I was cast, the alarms went off and the trainers were brought in. There were a lot of gym workouts, a lot of stunt training and fighting. Hair dying, fake tans, the whole shebang. I was a different man.