Shailene Woodley + hair

zac efron and dave franco in the same movie means my pants flying away from the movie theater jfc

btw, i saw will smith in his hotel balcony dancing funk (which is a pretty shitty kind of brazilian music) last saturday so i guess i can die happy now

my birthday’s next month so you can give me a mug as my birthday present why thank you so much

sooooo it was about time for me to change my icon. except that i’m not at home and i cant make one right now so i’m using this one made by trine because FLAWLESS

praying for adam levine not to give up music like justin, now that he will be on american horror story and in a movie


guys, it’s not that I’m slowly turning into a teen wolf blog. is tumblr that it’s slowly turning into a teen wolf website don’t you get it


some people are so cute i just wow congratulations on your dna