i’m accepting requests of anything btw like honestly anything just request stuff please ‘cause i have no idea of what to make lately

remember when you were eight and you left the house on Halloween, dressed as a monster? now you’re eighteen, and wishing it was just a costume.

if you find me a 720p download for all or some of supernatural’s gag reel i’ll give you my soul and my first child

bradley cooper’s smile could literally cure cancer

how good is ‘get lucky’ by daft punk feat pharrel williams tho

all of my ~tumblr buddies~ are so beautiful i mean if i had your faces i’d be outside watching everyone being jealous of me you know

i get it now why bradley cooper was nominated

if you think my english sucks you should see me when i first joined tumblr


people who make my dash pretty:

10-cups-of-coffee209-8miles ♥ absolutelyavaamy-poehlerannperkinsanthropolissa ♥ billfuckinghaderbuckyrogersbumblebees-are-the-bestcaptain-andersoncavehagculkingdanieljasonsudeikisfernandapanda23feysusfomasandgranfallonsfudge-mentalfunky-bunchgalifianafuckgenebelchersgetfuckingdirtywithmegildaradner


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people who have won my heart:

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people who i can’t live without:


and to all of those who aren’t included, please forgive my memory. i sometimes lose track of who was who with url/icon changes :)

thank you guys for an amazing year and i wish you all the best for 2013!!

jason sudeikis is perfect tho

Emma Stone filming in West Los Angeles, Oct. 16th