I loved them together, I thought they had really good chemistry. I thought that I wanted to write something for them, a love story. But I wanted it to be different. So after Jessica and Sarah, Taissa is the one I called in first. She liked it. She loves working with Evan. Evan loves working with her. It’s odd that Evan’s girlfriend [Emma Roberts] is also on the show, but I’ve made that work. They’re comfortable, they already have a short hand, and I think the fans like that that season-one love story is reincarnated in some weird way. - Ryan Murphy

as long as i wake up next to you

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Unless…it’s a weird cousin thing.

8x24 - 9x02

"I think it might be the start of something like, really amazing."

it’s like the sun came out…

When Steven is unhappy, I know our relationship is in good shape.
Then we’ve been tip-top since the minute I met you.

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himym meme: two otps
↳ Barney & Robin