Anonymous whispered: I think you're hot but you could be hotter if you didnt smoke (Yes, i follow you for a long time so i remember you answered you do when someone asked).

lol okay

my thoughts on tvd 4x07 by characters:

okay, i wanted to make a short post but i couldnt talk about all of them in one post and be short, so.. anyway, this was a pretty good episode to be honest. here’s my thoughts:

last thing, about the sirebond.. for me that is completely shit! and correct me if i’m wrong (especially because i honestly dont remember lol) i guess damon only said that elena couldnt keep the animal blood and had to feed from the veins, when she already was having problems to keep the blood down, right? anyway, since they said ‘it could be possible’ i think it wont be. that makes no sense. just in caroline and stefan’s head. 

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