jesse eisenberg is so damn flawless, i cant even.. no you dont understand, i need more jesse in my life because i have so much love for him, you dont get it

posting edits and then deleting edits. that’s what my life has become

trevino-michael replied to your post: klaroline or forwood?

tell me more

hmmmm, what do you wanna know? oh maaaan, idk i guess i ship klaroline for the same reason i started to ship delena. truth is, klaus doesnt deserve caroline because, well you know klaus. but at the same time we all know there’s a little something inside him that is good. and if there’s anyone that could bring this out i think is caroline. and as much as i ship forwood with almost all my heart, ever since this season got started i just couldnt find myself attached to it as i used to. and my klaroline shipper side just gets stronger sagdfsahdfhgsad.. so yeah, i’d like to watch more of this side of klaus that only shows up when he’s with caroline. but in case klaus isnt the best choice for her in the end i’d gladly want her to be with tyler or stefan. 

to do list: Stephen Lunsford

i have saved urls now it feels like i’m finally invited to the party .__.