jesse eisenberg is so damn flawless, i cant even.. no you dont understand, i need more jesse in my life because i have so much love for him, you dont get it

Anonymous whispered: Are you drunk, Debs???

whaaaaaaat?.. pffffffffffff .. i dont even, whatt.. no, i mean.. i would never like, you know… 


fischoeder replied to your post: what do you do when you fangirl about a blog and…

but i’m still following you~

ohh yeahh.. right.. yeahh.. it was probably.. tumblr going crazy again heheh- sorry i gotta go my mom’s calling me bye~


re-licarios replied to your photo: Tumblr Crushes: robinlainged wyndemere seacord …

I should be here

no you shouldn’t ‘cause your blog suckkkk


Michael Fassbender by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for Obsession Magazine “L’ascension d’un acteur”

… and that’s my sister:

to aqui pra te encher o saco !!!

basically she said she’s here to annoy me 

I’m thinking about change my jensen ackles' tags to uncle jensen because of reasons