That’s a dog on a kayak right there. You should all pay close attention.


"People come up to me at conventions and say things that are so sweet and endearing and, you know, like they admire me and what I’ve done, and I just don’t know how to respond because I do feel very unworthy of that. But I do appreciate it, and I guess the one honest thing I can say about it is it definitely is something that I think about, and I definitely feel like, all right, well I should try to be - if you know, if anyone, whether it’s, you know, my son, or someone who I don’t know, but if anyone is looking up to me, I should do my best to be the best person I can be. And so I definitely think it helps give me motivation to try, myself, to be a better person, and that has been good for me." [x]



I want to take a dollar bill and write “are you Misha Collins” on it and maybe one day it’ll end up in his hands and he’d be the one mind fucked for once



” I found a liquor store.” “And?” “And I drank it.”

i was walking far from home
where the names were not burned along the wall
saw a building, high as heaven
but the door was so small, door was so small

he found all eyes were lookin' down
and the sun had left and gone
all his friends could not be found

- What’s the word, Cas?
- It’s a shortened version of my name.

Do you plan on using your mishamigos for good or evil?

Fan: Would you ever take part in a European film?
Jensen: Would I ever take part in a European film? ...I'd like to take part in any film, but, yeah, why not?"
Misha: Is 'European film' a euphemism for gay porn?
Jensen: Still doesn't change my answer.