Anonymous whispered: Your blog used to be better :/

i know, right

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Anonymous whispered: ok so dont complain when people unfollow u then


Anonymous whispered: stop with so many text post


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Step one: Appreciate your fans.

in a few minutes i’m going to my cousin’s graduation party and i’m all dressed up and i’m feeling so pretty idek

Anonymous whispered: nobody likes you or your blog, shut up


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do you think if you set up a queue then went out and killed someone you could use tumblr as an alibi because you had posted things all through the time of the murder




I was feelin ok until I realized what tomorrow is

Another day without him

i was just gonna say monday but ok

Anonymous whispered: you may have kissed a stranger but you dont have a valentine today so, suck it.

your argument is invalid because one: he was talking about ‘what a good kisser i was’ ♥_♥ and two: who said i even want a valentine are you craycrayyy~

Anonymous whispered: Dont you get annoyed with all that antidamon, antistefan shit? I'm seeing it all over my dash and it's driving me crazy!! People dont accept that both of them has flaws and both have made a lot of mistakes. It's like when they do similar shit, one of them had a reason and the other hadnt and, to be honest, one mistake is a mistake. No matter which were the reasons. Urghhhhh, I'm so angry right now..

not really, no.. you see, as much as i care about fictional characters like crazy, i dont get pissed that easy. sometimes, when i finish one episode i get frustrated about something the writers might be doing with the characters i love, and i’ll make a angry post about it, but that’s all. i mean, nothing i say or do will change anybody’s mind. and i dont want to, that’s not my point. seeing posts or photosets of bad things about characters i love, wont change they way i feel about them. and this isnt just about the tvd fandom you know.. that’s why i think all of that is pointless. 


Spring Breakers - Official Trailer 2013