"Some people don’t have an open mind, and when I was traveling to different places I think I found it hard to enjoy things. You know, I come from a great city where there are lots of things happening, and if you end up in a small town where you don’t have all those things you can feel the difference. Somewhere along the way, though, I think I learned to appreciate the difference."

“I want to be known as the biggest heartthrob ever”

“In my free time, my favorite thing to do is to pick up a different instrument and you know, just kinda learn it and experiment.”

A big “fuck it” moment, so to speak

“I’ve always been able to just go off for a couple of months, shoot a film, go back to school and have my regular life. My family thought it was really important to have that level of normalcy. You kind of need to keep that in order to even tap into a character, let alone be a functioning human being.”

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