13/04/2014 - West Coast Blues n Roots Festival

there’s a lot of heart in this guy


I want to take a moment and spread some serious JM + FAN L.O.V.E


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Behind the Scenes: John Mayer on ‘Letterman’

Rock In Rio, Sep 21. 



I’m getting kinda at this place in my life where if you can, man, just do it. I had this moment where in my youth I was really frenetic and then I hit this mode where it was like, less is more, and now as I get into my later thirties I’m like, if you can do it, do it all the time, you know. Do it all the time as long as you can do it. Just shred! Show people what you can do, you know. —John Mayer (Oxford Union, 10/25/13.)

Happy 36th Birthday John Clayton Mayer.

Thanks for your music, your personality and everything you do for your fans. Couldn’t be more proud of you. Love you. ♥