heartofdaenerys whispered: Before: HOLY CRAP THIS GIRL'S EDITS ARE FABULOUS (when you joined hemsworthchris). Now: HOLY CRAP EVERYTHING THIS GIRL DOES IS FABULOUS I LOVE HER!

omg and that coming from one of the queens of photoshop it’s a pretty huge deal!! 

omg what message??

basically it was yelling at me saying some dumb shit about how tumblr people are such posers because everytime a new movie comes out everyone starts to love and to post about the actors like we’re doing now with chris pine and zachary quinto lol and i just can’t 


oops, you got me xoxoxoxo 


first of all: i’m so sorry i couldnt make anything better for you not only because i suck at photoshop, but also because tomorrow (or today since idk what time is it for you) is mother’s day here and i found out about your birthday when i was going to bed, so i made something quick since i dont know what time i’ll be able to be here tomorrow/today. anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOVE. HOPE YOU HAVE THE MOST AWESOME TIME EVER! enjoy your day with your loved ones and, well it’s your day so, get out of tumblr and do whatever you want! unless you wanna blog, in that case you can stay. wishing you AAAAAALL the good things in the world. we might barely have actual conversations but you know i like you a lot and you are very special! just keep being amazing and have fun today.. <333

heartofdaenerys whispered: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!! OMG <3


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u love meh

no tumblr is lie i h8 u

Tumblr Crushes:

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I mean… hemsworthchris, emmasttoned, kunismilla, the only thing missing is that you join my emma watson blog and we’d be on all the same blogs haha

asgdfashgdfghas it’s true! i’ll make sure to apply if you guys ever need someone u_u hahahah..

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lol we’re the sideblog duo debs :’)

awww hahahah, indeed we are :’))

Tumblr Crushes:

Tumblr Crushes:

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ahaha omg they’re not any good though but oh well :’) I think I edit at least 5 photos of emma every day, but I post them on my sideblog :D

they’re not any good?!! PLEEEEASE hahahah.. and well, i’m following your emma sideblog for a few days now lol so yeah, that’s why you’re killing me fast. those new pics you posted today oh my godddddd! gorgeous!

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just save it to post later. we’re always going to be editing the same photos, and your edits are different from mine as well so :’) just save them in the drafts and then reblog it from your blog :)

that’s true.. okay then, i’ll put it on the drafts :D. btw you are killing me with your lately emma watson edits DDDD: 

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put ‘em in the drafts and post later :D

but it would be the same.. before i post it i refreshed hemsworthchris because i saw you were posting the new pics, and since i’m really slow with photoshop i knew that would happen hahahah, there’s no problem, really :P

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lol same

tbh at first and before i try to listen to them i kinda hated them already because i thought they were like, 5 justin biebers you know lol.. but at least some of them can sing

williamhiddles replied to your postWhat’s wrong with 1D?

they actually can’t sing.

hahahaha.. there’s 2 of them i guess that actually can sing anne.. i just dont know their names lol