Anonymous whispered: What makes you think that people can say whatever they want when they like someone but when they dislike they're being stupid? This is a really pathetic way of thinking you know..

is this about the jenlaw thing? because i never said they cant. i’m sorry but put yourself in jennifer’s place. imagine you made a joke in an interview or, idk, in a comedy show, and people start using whatever you said completely out of context against you. how would that feel? people took gifs out of tumblr, made assumptions of what they think she meant and created this whole bullshit that makes no sense. at least for me this isnt right. and i also never said you can say whatever you want wether you like someone or not. you can end up crossing the line and/or hurting this someone either way and i’m more than aware of that, you should tell this to somebody else.

and i understand why people hate on damon but i just cant fucking understand why EVERYTHING he does they put it in a bad way even if it’s a good thing. like he was having a moment with elena, the girl he fucking loves and he was completely honest about the situation explaining to her why she had no reason to be mad at stefan but still people dont recognize this! this pisses me off so fucking much


my face when bill