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my birthday



I love my brother to death and I respect him so much. He’s incredibly talented and I would love to collaborate with him… But I’ve been trying to distance myself and show people that I’m my own person despite us looking similar and having similar mannerisms. I don’t want to be referred to as “James Franco’s little brother” for the rest of my life.

Happy 28th Birthday, Dave Franco (June 12, 1985)

Happy 36th Birthday, Zachary Quinto!

“I considered becoming a priest very seriously. I wanted to travel the world. By the time I turned 16, I realized I was only in it for selfish reasons. And, more importantly, I didn’t want to sacrifice the ladies!”

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“A movie star is someone people look at and go, ‘I want to be like that person’. There’s the responsibility of desire. It’s not something I’m interested in trying. I would fail miserably at it, so why even bother?”

Leonardo DiCaprio by Hugh Stewart

FAVORITE MOVIE CHARACTERS: Dale (Horrible Bosses/2011)

"I’m on the registered sex offender list, yes. It was an empty playground in the middle of the night, I was taking a piss, there were no kids. Alright you know what? You don’t put a playground right next to a bar. It’s entrapment.”

At the Cannes Film Festival 2011

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“My name is James Edward Franco. Ted is a nickname for Edward. That’s what my parents called me. I also got ‘Teddy Ruxpin’ a lot. It just got to a point where I got sick of it, so when a teacher called out ‘James Franco’ my junior year of high school, I didn’t correct her.” — James Franco

Favorite Interview Moments (TWD Cast): Jon Bernthal on Conan.

”[…]You know, I have two brothers and they’re sort of better looking, prettier versions of me. And my older brother Tom, he always seizes to take the opportunity to tell me how good my acting career would actually be going, how well would be going, if I only look like him.”