i love supernaturaldaily so much

facebook is already annoying, on valentine’s day gets 100 times worse… the amount of people i want to punch it’s unbelievable

the only word i can say in a british accent is ‘what’

We create our own demons.

shane gifs ? shaaaaaaaaaaaaane. man this DL is better hurry up or i’m gonna go crazy

i know right?? team shane 5everrrrrr

i need more members to my mila kunis blog but i’m too lazy to do the whole process of making a post about it and getting applications and well, i might invite people and see if anyone wants to join us it seems faster

sometimes i’m thankful for being so lazy to read some books and stuff. i helps me to get away from freaking out with the whole tumblr when something happens

Anonymous whispered: How many followers are your goal?

i dont have any actually..

i should really go to bed since tomorrow i have this 4 hours big exam so i can go to college and stuff but i dont really wanna leave

i’ve never watched the lord of the rings trilogy am i a bad human being or

#idk #~~

4 photos of Ian Somerhalder or Michael Trevino? asked by anon