#and then she spent the next 7 years returning the favour

I left SNL not to do movies. I left to be in California, spend more time with my family. The SNL’s schedule is too grueling to get to really be present in their lives in the way that I wanted to be. It’s a lot of fun but it’s the only thing you can do. Your all week is spent in that building. You get so close to everybody. It was like a real family, but it’s hard after 8 years.

My sister started having kids. That’s what really did it. I could have stayed forever but then I started feeling like ‘Geez I don’t wanna not be present in these kids lives’ and it was absolutely the right decision.

It is the most unique and amazing experience. I love Lorne. I left on great terms so I still can go back there whenever I want.

There’s no other place like it. I’ll miss it till the day I die.

— Will Forte