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”She’s my soul mate and we couldn’t love each other any more than we do already. We’re like two peas in a pod. When it’s true love, it feels like something you’re rekindling. As if you’ve met the person before. Everyday I just fall deeper, and deeper and deeper in love with my two girls.”


Okay so it’s my turn now! I want to thank you for being amazing persons, not just bloggers, and for making my dash prettier every day! Some people here are my friends, some other just awesome graphic makers but I admire all of you. I also want to thank to ALL my followers and even if you’re not here I appreciate your hard work/dedication in this website. You made my 2012 an incredible year!

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Day 4 - Which scene made you cry?



#this was a really overwhelming derek moment for me because like #he looks sO broken in that bottom frame #just look at his face it’s like #he didn’t want to do what he just did #he’s feeling all of these things his heart is hurting but like #he thinks he knows he did the right thing? right??? #and he’s just looking at jackson and lydia and he’s like #shit fuck god dammit #and you know he’s thinking it’s all his fault #if he hadn’t bit jackson this never would have happened #he’s feeling all of the responsibility for jackson’s death right there #and he reaches out to isaac who is the only beta who is staying with him #reaches out to him almost like he can’t even stop himself #has no control over it #it’s just that alpha instinct to protect #he can’t even see isaac’s face but he knows #because he’s derek’s beta by choice #the only person who’s chosen to stay by him #and i’m just really upset about it ok