Okay so there are so many “______ appreciation weeks” now, but there is no Delena one. So since I haven’t seen that anyone’s planning to start one, I’ve decided to plan one myself.

The “rules” are simple: every day for 7 days starting Sunday, Dec. 16th (THE WEEK AFTER THE CHRISTMAS EPISODE) you make a post (it can be a text post, gifs, graphic or anything really) that shows the following things:

  • Day 1: Why do you love them?
  • Day 2: Favorite scene
  • Day 3: Favorite quote (of one of them or another person about them)
  • Day 4: Favorite song moment
  • Day 5: Favorite road trip
  • Day 6: A moment that broke your heart
  • Day 7: Favorite episode

The tag of this week is #DEAW.

Please reblog this post to promote this week, because the more people participating, the merrier!