Just put it on!


*pulling petals off a flower* should I post this …..should I not post this….


You really only understand how drunk you are when you’re peeing

paquinns-deactivated20130821 whispered: hahaha ok <3 and omg u know what? i started listening john mayer thanks to you he is amazing

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! ahahahahah.. oh my god YESSSSSS, HE IS!!! i’m just so completely in love with his music, it’s surreal!! okay i’m sorry but i gotta publish this <33


it’s 12/12/12 not 12/12/12 you stupid americans

debora asked > 6 pics of steven r. mcqueen.

i always had a hard time trying to buy my ‘where the light is’ dvd because i couldnt find it anywhere! i forgot that now i could buy it online since i got my credit card so i used the excuse “i’m just gonna buy it because of black friday you know dad” and now guess what it’s coming in 4 dayssssssssssss

mrs-sudeikis replied to your post: but i just dont get why do you hate justin tho. i mean, what he has done to make you dislike him so much…

what he does cannot even be considered “music”

INDEED, thank you tati.. i was trying to be ~smooth~ you know


waiting-ontheday whispered: ¥ :D

the only bad thing about you is that you live too far away from meeee..

Anonymous whispered: you could be flawless but your flaw is not liking 1D

but wait, I used to listen to ‘what makes you beautiful’.. am I flawless yet? 


Fangirling? Excuse me but I am more mature than that.

I fanwoman, thank you very much.

plot twist: a teenage character played by an actual teenage actor