funky-bunch whispered: i would actually like it if you made a gif out of harry, because i am developing a crush on him

i’m gonna publish this so we can be embarrassed together

can you die from being too long without photoshop? ‘cause i think i might die

try to change theme > fail at finding a good one > too tired to look for another > goes to bed with a shitty theme on her blog > about me

» saving people, hunting things

you should really check the spn blog i just joined yay

when you’re tired and you just wanna finish that last gifset for the night but ‘error uploading image’ cockblocks you and you feel like peeing on everything

coachella: knock knock
me: who's there
coachella: not you

ohh man you know what, i just really need to have sex 

this sucks, everytime i’m at work i feel like changing my icon, sidebar, theme.. but then when i get home i get too lazy and end up changing nothing wtf

i’m so happy and so scared at the same time, i dont even know what to do

OH last saturday i went to this party and i fell in love at first sight with this gay dj what is my life

crying because idk what to edit

me: looks at things i can't afford online and dies

busy as fuck