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is poking like sexual???

that depends on how the person who gets poked will understand, you know? hahah.. here in brazil we barely have such thing as ‘date’.. mostly boys are assholes who will meet you and be nice to you just to try to get in your pants instead of having any kind of relationship. i know this happens all over the world tbh, but here it’s so much more than the usual. here, it’s completely normal for you to go out,  kiss a guy who probably wont even ask your name and you will never see again. and i feel like an old lady because it’s fun and all sometimes but i dont really feel comfortable doing this. i was born in the wrong country man, i’m telling you..

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it’s like “hi” but he’s too shy to say hi, so he’s trying to get your attention hollaa

yeahh but here in brazil this kind of stuff works in a weird different way, it’s hard to explain.. so i’m afraid of like, poking back and he end up misunderstanding me poking you know? lol, idk this is weird i’ll just keep acting like nothing happened

same there’s just not much of him on my dash

unfortunately there’s no much on my either :(

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