make me choose: devonnerz asked: demi in 2013 or demi in 2012?

Stay strong, this phrase always me have in my head and my heart, every day, I struggle with the demons of my past, and it really is quite difficult to stay positive, and with his head held high, always remembering that keeps me strong , you really realize what you have in your life, good or bad haci, you will always be lucky to be who you are and to have what little you have, and I thank them.”

@ddlovato: Instead of looking in the mirror and focusing on your flaws, look in the mirror and appreciate your best features… everyone has them 💗.

“The sky is the limit... for some people aim higher nothing is impossible.”

The weight from the water was obviously heavy, but I feel like emotionally it was heavy. You just realize ”Wow, I’m doing a fifth of what they do every single day”.

”Just because you’re on the Disney Channel and you always have a smile on your face, they think you’re perfect, and it’s obvious that nobody’s life really is.” 

Demi at Alan Carr: Chatty Man