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paquinns-deactivated20130821 whispered: adam levine ehehehe

celebrity: no | meh | okay | hot | flawless | perfect in every way | omg i can’t

blog: 10/10

paquinns-deactivated20130821 whispered: I like e v e r y t h i n g. I CAN'T DISLIKE NOTHING you're perfect

omg you staaaaaahp sdgfshdgfsdjgfsj <3

omg shut up!!!! ausygfagshfaj i love you so much <3 u perfect gurl, i was just leaving right now but i promise i help u tomorrow love <3 i’m going to think about an url or idk :D thank u so much <3 IT’S AN HONOUR TO ME

awwwww, love you too, DSGFJSDHGJH! no problem babe! and come ooooon it’s an honor TO ME! okay then, thank you thank you <333

dannyjnes replied to your post: sometimes i feel like making a robert pattinson…

lazy bones !! hahaha i could help u if u want but i’m also lazy for everything duh

omg yesssss.. 10 TIMES YES IXA omg!! send your email to my ask and as soon as i finish making myself a sidebar i’ll try to think about an url and make it 

paquinns-deactivated20130821 whispered: hahaha ok <3 and omg u know what? i started listening john mayer thanks to you he is amazing

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! ahahahahah.. oh my god YESSSSSS, HE IS!!! i’m just so completely in love with his music, it’s surreal!! okay i’m sorry but i gotta publish this <33