Tell us a little about your character, Rebekah: Well, I had a few guest-starring appearances on Vampire Diaries and I never imagined that they would keep bringing me back, but they did. It was really surprising, it wasn’t something I foresaw happening. I got lucky, let’s just say that. My character is familiar to those who have been following The Vampire Diaries—she’s one of the Originals, she has four brothers, and she is spunky and really just so much fun to play. She is seriously loyal, but at times stubborn and grumpy. She’s kind of the vixen of the series. She comes in with a bang and causes a bit of a stir.


“Dear sweet April Young. Now, there’s a girl with a future.”

Silas as Rebekah Mikaelson in “Pictures of You”

4x13 Into the Wild
I tried to be her friend, but somehow, I ended up with a dagger in my back because I’m the evil one.

the vampire diaries: flashbacks edition

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you can’t just come here and infiltrate all our lives.

The girl who loved too easily.’


4.04 The Five - the girl who loved too easily

I learned that …