try to change theme > fail at finding a good one > too tired to look for another > goes to bed with a shitty theme on her blog > about me

i love supernaturaldaily so much

okay i’m going to bed but one last thing, thank you so much for not unfollowing me today during my really annoying time here. it was my period’s fault so you’re all awesome for not leaving even if you feel like almost doing it k good night

Anonymous whispered: No, fuck you and your delena ship. Stefan deserves to be mad with him and hate him okay? Stefan is the only brother who deserves to be with Elena and to be happy, stfu

calm down buddy.. i dont remember saying anything about stefan but okay ??.. of course he has reasons to be mad with damon, he’s fucking stefan’s ex girlfriend.. but i wont explain damon’s side since stelena shippers don’t see it and would me pointless for me to try. also i dont think elena deserves stefan anymore. at least no until she make up her freaking mind. so yeah, bye

Anonymous whispered: You talked about yolo a lot today!

i know i disappointed you, i’m sorry

changed my theme and loved.. as simple as possible sigh

i’ve tried to edit since 7 pm and now it’s 10 pm and I hated pretty much everything, including the ones I’ve posted. now I’m tired, I need to take a shower, eat dinner and go to bed. so I see you guys tomorrow, night bitches

“It’s not the most normal life in the world, but I screw up plenty of times to be a normal teenager.”