criminal minds is on, reid is dying and i’m cry omg


#oh my god some people still live in some old episode of season one where stefan described elena from his very limited point of view #and they say that’s all she is #while it’s been thrown in their face during three seasons that there’s so much more to her than sad crying girl #that needs sufar-coated reality #and all she does is hug people and help them through their problems #numerous times it’s been said that REAL elena is pre-accident elena#and we’ve seen the glimpses of that #her passion her manipulative side her anger her fun side #we’ve seen that she’s a fighter #and now when she turned we see more of this becuse it’s her true personality #but people try to deny that now because this girl is much better suited with damon than with stefan and just.. LOL#elena is a female version of damon and everybody and their mothers already know that #they act the same way in the same situations #they say the same lines#they have paralleling journeys #and instead of accepting that people are like OMG THIS IS NOT ELENA GTFO #lol whatever if you like the state of denial then keep living in it idc