Anonymous whispered: Hahahah, I do that at school. While I'm at school I take pictures of hot students and send to my tumblr friends on whatsapp.

i swear, my whatsapp is filled with shirtless men and all sizes of dicks

Anonymous whispered: Stop blogging about glee and Damon or you are gonna loose followers, thats my advice man.

wow can you hear that?

Anonymous whispered: did you record any videos from the justin concert ??

omg no ‘cause i was too busy jumping and screaming and freaking the shit out but the whole show is on youtube, here :3. 

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Anonymous whispered: You're 19 years old, do you really already drink??

lmao we dont have to be 21 to legally drink in brazil so yesss

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Anonymous whispered: It is just you barely posts new stuff

i know, right

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Anonymous whispered: Your blog used to be better :/

i know, right

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Anonymous whispered: james deen? the porn star right?

the porn star indeed :3

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Anonymous whispered: dylan o'brien isnt even that talented

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

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Anonymous whispered: post a selfie? PLEASE, i wanna see your face!!! :(

omg nooo i cant just do that with these poor inocent people who are just blogging. you can see my face here tho. tip: i’m the one who’s face is in more than one pic

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Anonymous whispered: OMG thank you for making that joker gif set. You just made my day :)

awwww i’m so glad you liked, no problem babe :33

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Anonymous whispered: Well not really? What do you wanna do? Anything with Joker would be great though. I miss heath so much :(

sure sure, it will be my pleasure :3.. i know, i miss him too :(((

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Anonymous whispered: You said you were taking requests right? Can you do anything from TDK, I don't see enough of it and it's one of my favorite movies. But only if you can :)

sure no problem :). i’m gonna make something, but do you have any specific scene you would want me to gif?

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Anonymous whispered: hahaha different anon here. your story reminded mine so i kinda laughed. but was the sex any good? 'cause to me was awful. only by the third time i started to actually feel something..

if you heard the whole story you would laugh even more, trust me! but then it’s waaaay too embarrassing for me to post! hahaha.. well it wasnt good but it wasnt bad either, idk… i wasnt completely bad because it was with someone i like, someone i trust and someone who wanted this for a long time, as much as i did. and my friends told me the same thing, that only by the third time it would start being good to me aswell :3

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Anonymous whispered: I'm too shy to ask and I hope you dont feel offended or anything.. But I saw your post about your first time and I was wondering... Did it hurt? How was it? I'm 17 years old and I have a boyfriend now. We talked about having sex but I'm so scared, I dont know what to do! If it's too personal and you dont wanna answer, it's okay! Thank you anyway <3

i assume you sent me this on monday since it was when i made and deleted that post, so i’m sorry for the late reply. and relax sweetie, there’s no problem at all. we all go through this, it’s okay. well for me, as everything else in my life, was pretty awkward. i wont get into details because this would get too long. well yes, it did hurt a little, but it wasnt a big deal. also it’s different from people to people. i bled a lot, but i have friends that didnt bleed at all. idk, i couldnt actually enjoy because, well we get nervous and it hurts and it’s pretty awkward. but if you trust him and feel comfortable with him there’s nothing to be scared of. sorry i suck at this, i dont know how to explain. you know, just do it if you feel like it, dont do it for pressure or anything like that. i’m 19 years old so i can assure you that there’s no big deal on waiting. but if you feel ready and thats what you want, go for it. 

Anonymous whispered: He's not even that attractive Debs, Zayin is 10000000 times better!