What part of your body are you proud of?
Tom: I would say, my feet. The reason why is because… without my feet I couldn’t dance.

aaaand my internet at work is back :D



what if the bumps around your nipples were actually braille and everyone had a different message like fortune cookies 

101% done with this site

Anonymous whispered: True Blood and Teen Wolf

True Blood:

❤ male: Jason
❤ female: Jessica
✖ least favorite: Bill and Pam
✔ who resembles me: Jessica
❤ most attractive: Eric
❤ three more characters that i like: Sam, Lafayette and Terry.

Teen Wolf:

❤ male: Stiles
❤ female: Lydia
✖ least favorite: Allison and Erica
✔ who resembles me: Pretty much Stiles
❤ most attractive: Jackson
❤ three more characters that i like: Scott, Isaac and Derek

Anonymous whispered: Can you please recommend some of your favorite blogs that makes their own stuff?

oh god anon, I have soooo many.. the ones I remember from the top of my head right now: jaredspadaleckipaulwelseydimeadesjoe-manganiellofuckmegoslingmrs-avengerjenniferlawrencesnayanariverareginageorgesrobinlaingedfunky-bunchstileslytheeverlarksmidnightsorrow… I’m 100% sure I forgot like, a billion people, so I’m sorry! there’s plenty more, if you want to just let me know..