i’ve been tagged by naynarivera.

1. What is the most weird thing you have kissed?

thing? lol omg.. i dont think i’ve kissed weird things in my life. at least not so far..

2. What is your favorite song?

i dont have one favorite. i can tell you which one i’m listening to the most right now, which is suit & tie - justin timberlake feat jay-z.

3. You’d have a monkey like a pet?

YESSS, i think they’re so cute. but i’d want just a little one.

4. What situations make you nervous?

when i’m sober in a room full of people like in a club or something. also when i have to order things either in person or on the phone. ohh, so many situations actually..

5. When you grow up, what is your biggest goals?

studying film, taking my acting classes, travel a lot…

6. What is the most common mental state?

insecure. in every way.

7. What is your favorite name?

omg i dont know.. i really like emma, bruna, johnny.. idk lol..

8. What are your heroes in real life?

my parents, my cousin, john mayer, kristen wiig, bill hader.

9. And in no real life?

spiderman, batman, iron man, sam and dean winchester.

10. How would you like to die?

in my bed, sleeping. like titanic or the notebook.

11. Where and when are you happy?

when i’m having a beer with my friends and we talk about everything, sometimes when i’m alone, sitting in my room watching a movie…