Anonymous whispered: Hey darling. I want your help. I'm starting to make my own edits and I loooove yours. It's everything so beautiful. So I wanted some tips you know... How do you make yours? What advices about doing and not doing specific things would you give me?

hello love :3.. first THANK YOOOU so much, i’m really glad to know you like it <3.. ok now honestly, i dont do much. and it’s kinda hard for me to give you those advices because there’s some effects or maybe colorings that you may like and i dont or that i may like and you dont. but anyway, what i usually do is open my pic on photoshop and try some different psds.. 99% of the time i hate my own colorings so i end up using other’s people. if you want to i can share some of my favorites with you :). then, i use this action which is similar to topaz but it makes pictures look better. i, personally, dont like the way my pictures look with topaz anymore. anyway, that’s pretty much what i do. sorry this isnt too much of a help tho. my advice is for you to try new things and practice a lot. i’m a lazy ass person so i barely try anything, but as much things as you try, the better you get :)