i’ve been tagged by the flawless ixa aka dannyjnes.
1. cats or dogs?
dooooogs <3 cats freak me out
2. movies or tv shows?
as a fangirl you should know we cant choose that omg.. both!
3. 5 fav couples of any fandom
barney x robin, lily x marshall, nick x jess (i know they arent a couple YETTTTT), harvey x mike (
4. fav music band
maroon 5 <3333333
5. what was the last book u read?
i’ve started to read perks. i dont remember the last one i’ve read because that was a loooooong time ago :(
6. how did u find tumblr?
my best friend told me about. but i found the fangirl part of tumblr myself. the worst thing that happened to me btw
7. fav 5 songs right now
always hard oh god.. skyfall - adele, hands all over - maroon 5, the mess i’ve made - parachute, diamonds - rihanna, whiskey whiskey whiskey - john mayer i guess..
8. one direction ot the wanted?
HA HA HA HA HA the wanted 4life~
9. what is your biggest dream?
become an actress *sigh*
10. what place you want to travel someday?
SO MANY! but i’m gonna move to new york someday so..
11. fav food?
♥ C H I C K E N ♥

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