I’ve been tagged by tumblr user Sofie aka l-innerforce.

1. What’s been the best thing that has happened to you this year?

i dont know, i didnt do much last year year. i guess having a lot of good times with my friends.. me and my family being healthy. john mayer releasing his new cd lol, idk..

2. Name 5 of your favorite songs.

slow dancing in a burning room - john mayer, since i’ve been loving you - led zeppelin, she is love - parachute, heroes - david bowie and edge of desire - john mayer.

3. Which fictional character do you identify yourself with the most, and why?

that’s hard because there’s no fictional character i completely indentify with or relate to. but the one i can relae the most is robin from himym. because of the way she used to be scared of relationships and the way she always wanted to be independent you know..

4. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?


5. When did you start watching tv shows and what got you obsessed?

i dont remember exactly when but it was with supernatural!

6. Dream job?

i’ll be an actress tbh..

7. A part of a song lyric that fits your current mood.

"so scared of getting older, i’m only good at being young.." - stop this train by john mayer.

8. What do you want out of 2013?

i hope to do more productive things. save some money, start my acting classes..

9. Have 2012 been a good year?

idk, it was a boring one. a lot of bad things happened.. not to me but around me. i just wanted to over, thank god it is now.

10. A quote that inspires you.

"we accept the love we think we deserve."

11. Link to one of your favorite youtube videos.

i’m not really into those specifics youtube videos and stuff so idk..