Before anything, i’d like to thank all my followers. i know a follow forever is supposed to be something to say how much we love the people we follow, but the ones i’d like to thank are my followers, all and every of you. you’re all really important to me, no matter where you live, your age, or what you post on your blog. you all make my tumblr life way better, you all matter to me, and i hope you all know i’m here if you ever need to talk. the fact i don’t follow you back doesn’t mean i do not care about you or your blog,I LOVE EVERY ONE OF YOU. there are some of you talking to me pretty often, on anon or privately, and i truly hope you know how much our little chat means to me, how much i love you, hom much i love talking to you, and how glad i am to know you, to have you as my followers. you’re all amazing.

also i wanna thank some people for being my friends, for always being there for me, listening to me, for making my online life worth it. you are precious to me, and i wish i could meet you IRL, i wish i could hug you and bake you cookies because that’s how much you’re important to me. also, don’t forget i’m here if you ever need someone to talk to : majaisabelsashasimonemeryemfedericaemsamyisabellabelabeckiironnietanyatinamariecandysilvia&gen(because she runs the best blog).

i also wanna thank those people for making my dash a lovely place :

ABCD : a-torvsagaesangel-ofthelordbellisarobirdysalvatorebittenbyklausbritneyslostcarolinelockwoodcinkatcylerforwooddeadisworsedeep-oceandestinedtobediaryofdelenadobrev-meesterdobrevsninadobsleydobsleygasmdot-dot-delena

EFGH : eternityofmiseryfinnickcrestaforbeslockwoodsfrayingsgilbertgrinchglitteringsparkglowingashesgrimesshanehandsalloverrhartz-blumheystefanhi-paulhollanderodenhungoverdelena

IJKL : iansloochiansmolderholicidrisianiwannalickyourimpalajomorgasmjuliettburkekaterinapiercekathspetrovakatspierceklausenjoysthehuntlockwoodspenis

MNOP : merthiansmyintimatemysticfallsdiariesndobrevssniansomerhalderninaadobrevoceanwide-ohthevampirediariespauleskipaul-sexleypaulspoodlepaulwasilewskipaulwespetrovafire-pierce

QRST : salvatore-vampiresantabarbieklaussexdelenasherlockisthebestsirklausmikaelsonsmolderhalderlandsomerheldersomesleysoulseternalmatesourwhittemoresstelenastelenaschristmasstefanasalvatorestefans-fangsstefanherostefansalvationstefanspenisstvnmcqnsupagirlswifterlyteam-mikaelsontempestnightthesavioursthistvdtiesunbreakabletylercaroline

UVW : undomielsvampetrovavampirekenwildfire-attraction

i’m really sorry if i forgot anyone, also if i follow you and you’re not on this FF, message me and i’ll add you!

shameless self-promo : game of thrones & walking dead & falling skies & shane west.

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